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I hope this content stimulates the grey cells


What am I doing here?

This question has, I suppose, many different levels of answer depending both upon the moment and the actuality in which it is asked and the depth of consciousness of reality of the one who asks the question. To my experience a majority of the people I meet live in an infinite universe which is different from mine, which is finite. I will probably hack into this later but here and now I am asking the question about this blog, which I set up several years ago but for which I have not yet defined a purpose other than echoing the content of my other blog https:\\michaelsidneywelch.com 

I don't want this blog to contain content irrelevant to my main concern which is my personal growth in understanding and wisdom and my desire to communicate the same to any interested fellow human and will therefore use it to ask questions and formulate answers as I go along.
Please come along for the ride!

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