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The power of the absolute

Modern philosophy descends into the nothingness feared and hated by the atheist existentialists, whereas to the spiritual consciousness nothingness is nothing to be feared. Absolute zero is in fact precisely the power of the absolute which abrogates and annuls all of relativity, the entire material universe conceived by the fallen murderous intellect of killer man. The material universe emerged out of nothing and into nothing we shall return, into a nothingness that is spiritual, eternal, infinite and absolute, characterized by morality, love and peace.


absolute / relative

We live in a world of relativity, a universe of relativity, and yearn for the absolute. Each individual human soul is faced with this dilemma, to be determined immediately by relativity or transcendentally by the absolute. The relative is everything, the absolute is nothing. The choice is between existence and being. The end of all philosophy, consciousness sifting through the stuff of existence in search of meaning, is the discovery of the nothingness of being. It is the nothingness within which the universe came into existence and into which it is expanding, the nothingness of life, of spiritual being. The choice is clear. The absolute has come to us.


What to do !

Having published three book in this century developing my philosophical and theological insights, books which no-one ever reads, books which my editor informed me were written in a manner to discourage the reading of them but which contain some valuable insights and information which can assist a reader in wading through the negative waste in the world and arrive at a positive outlook on life, I have concluded that I should concentrate my literary and philosophical output in the form of blogging.

I have two blogs at the moment, this one, "absolute reflections", and one named "the serious life" on Wordpress (michaelsidneywelch.com) which I opened several years ago but have sorely neglected. This blog I hope to fill with narrative and the other blog with my reflections.

"The serious life" has already garnered several followers since I began to fill it again with short reflections so my hope will be to gather a small readership and disseminate my manner of thinking in absolute terms to a larger following.


being and non-being

The easiest intellectual categorization that can be made is surely that between absolute and relative, between being and non-being. To the intellect, as to the senses, being is nothing. Being is the nothingness within which the universe emerged and into which it is expanding. The material universe, the actuality of existence, is the attempt to negate the reality of being which is absolute and cannot be negated by relativity. Relativity is therefore confined within the expanding universe where being enters into a relationship, a conflict, with non-being. Being is not the negative in existence!