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Trying to be more personable....

I'm trying to be a little bit more personable with this blog and use my other blog on WordPress ( michaelsidneywelch.com ) as the forum for my reflections about the absolute/relative.  My life is a mess at the moment, my lovely car having been totaled in an accident for which I got a ticket and my not having the funding for a comparable vehicle but still needing one to pursue my active involvement in the world of relativity. I should not have listened to my spiritual director in Jerusalem back in 1977 when I informed him of my decision to go and live in a cave in the Judean desert. "O no you're not!" he said and I obeyed. If I had followed my own spiritual inclination and spent the last 40 years in contemplation I might have it all figured out by now, instead of which I feel that I am at a major crossroads in my life and need someone to give me direction. Aaagh!!!


Why am I concerned?

Why am I concerned  about the confusion in so many minds about the distinction of the categories? I hear the term "absolutely" bandied around so much that it becomes sickening. The same goes with the common usage of the terms "immortal" about works of art, and "infinite" about possibilities, but by far the most egregious is the use of "absolutely" which some of my acquaintances use to emphasize commitment two or three times in every conversation. These all signify a confusion in the minds of the users about where they are living and ultimately confusion about life itself. We live in a finite universe within which everything is relative. There are no absolutes, nothing is immortal and possibilities are finite, limited. The sooner we come to earth in this universe the sooner we can begin to realistically confront the problems that human lack of understanding have manufactured and human confusion is propagating.

As I have tried to show in my works through the last twenty years there is an absolute reality which is transcendent to the universe of relative actualities which we rationally inhabit. This absolute is the material nothingness within which the universe exists, within which it is expanding, or, to use a more modern term, inflating. When the absolute eventually becomes actual within the universe, the relative universe will, of necessity, disappear. http://michaelsidneywelch.com