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The necessity of reality

           We live in a world where human beings have declared everything to be relative. Reason and logic, tools of the human intellect with their extensions in physical theory, especially in mathematics, have sequestered the universe as their own physical domain, overpowering human instinct and intuition and dominating the human landscape,  imposing a rational semblance of order on human nature and on the natural world. Yet, behind this maelstrom of relative frames of reference we, of necessity, must acknowledge an absolute frame of reference that cannot be apprehended by the rational mind which reduces everything to relativity. In accepting this transcendent reality we liberate human consciousness from the confines of  relativity and an existence governed by rationality into the freedom of absolute being.


Faith and Trust

If we believe in an absolute transcendent being then we must also trust in that being. Instead, we believe in the absolute yet place our trust in the world of relative artifacts around us, in the time and space which are inventions of human reflection and reason. To place our trust absolutely in a transcendent being is difficult, but not impossible. “All things are possible to the one who believes.” But absolute trust in absolute being is also a necessity if we are to become like her and see her as she is. - (become like him and see him as he is.)


The contingent self

The self is an image, an image of soul, the soul of absolute being, which native cultures around the world intuitively perceive as the Great Soul, underlying all of creation.  Absolute being is the soul of the world, and the only known lfe and the only source of life in the universe. 
The human intellect falls from contemplative union with this Great Soul into reflection and discovers the reflective image of an individual self in the imagination. It projects this image of self into the world, confusing this image with its true identity, its soulfulness. The self may therefore be defined as a lost soul, a lost being, a delusion of the fallen intellect. It exists, but has no being, in the shadow land of the city invented and upheld by a conspiracy of fallen souls.


Living under lock and key!

Why do we lock everything up? Why don't we live in a society where there is no need to worry about personal security, where there are no locks on our doors or on our vehicles, no thefts, no violence and no authority, where each member of the world-wide human community, a community from which none can be excluded, shares responsibility for the peace, health and well-being of everyone else? Why, and why not?


The real, the ideal and the actual

Please do not make the mistake of considering me an idealist, as this is not true. I am a realist, in the most profound sense. The actuality in which we live, this horrible city full of exploitation, ignorance and greed, is full of idealists pursuing their ideas of the ideal, which are merely  negative images of the real invented by the reflective self, which is itself only an image, in the imagination. Thus the much vaunted idea, bequeathed to Western civilization by the Greeks, from whom also we inherit our competitive spirit, leads us away from the real into a world of shadows and fantasies. There is an escape, but since it involves the renunciation of the idea, especially the idea of the self, only the individual on an existential search for redemption can make use of it.


Against Competition

The competitive spirit fostered and nurtured among men by modern civilized societies is an alien incentive that actually abrogates authentic human life. We should not compete in order to win or lose, but cooperate to achieve common goals – then all are winners. If humankind spent half of the energy it wastes in competition to achieve these common goals, the eradication of hunger and freedom would be accomplished and the world of nature would soon be renewed.

My intention

I want people to read my book, "The Reality Of Being, Understanding The Spiritual Universe" and it will be available on this blog along with my ongoing reflections.