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You can't get there from here!

I stopped a fellow once on a Jerusalem street and asked for directions to a certain place. He thought for a few minutes, turning in different directions contemplating the possibilities and finally threw his arms up in the air saying “you can't get there from here!”
Such is my thought and its conclusions for those unfamiliar with it. “You can't get there from where you are at!'  


the Self is not real!

Relativity is the universal actuality in which we live and move, in which we exist. Our existential being transcends this relativity.  It is both imminent and immanent, but its essential character is immanence. Our being is absolute. It is precisely the self, the image of our being projected into our actuality, that is relative, and therefore not real.


the falsity of intellectual existence

The whole intellectual structure of humankind, civilization and its precedents, its underlying concepts, is a false image of the reality of being, a mimicking of truth, in the same way that ethics, based on relative values, seeks to replace morality, based on absolute principles. This understanding of the world, of the universe of relativity, requires an acceptance of the necessity of the absolute, the sole necessity, sensible only to faith.