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You might think that after millennia on the earth and several thousand years of so-called civilization humankind's accumulated knowledge would have been assimilated by all and ignorance would be a thing of the past. Such is not the case! You might also think that after the billions of children that have been born and raised a norm would have been developed that allows each child to reach his or her full potential as a human being and as a member of a just society but, unfortunately, this is also not the case.


The task of cosmology, I would think, is to reconcile the relative with the absolute, that is to say, the relative universe with the absolute void. This, of course can only be done on a level of transcendence, which postulates the void as spiritual. So cosmology, as every other science, is nullified and we must move into the realm of dogmatics. The task is to hold on to faith. What do you believe?