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I hope this content stimulates the grey cells


the following day

Clear and cold. if I remember but not too cold so I worked for two and a half hours and made four or five calls. Maija was not feeling well and did not go to the Sunday gathering. When I came home we lit a fire and watched a couple of movies, 'Elza' from French Guadaloupe and 'The Cut' from Armenia, both of which I highly recommend. Watched the latest adventure of 'the Trump' on the news and went to bed. michaelsidneywelch.com


Yesterday I took the bull by the horns and drove 60 miles north to Wasilla (from where you can see Russia according to MS. Palin) to interview a fellow about his interactions with wildlife last year. The weather was quite breezy and I counted six cars off the road, one upside down and one on its side and the others just stuck in snow. The conditions called for careful driving so I obliged. Arriving back in Anchorage in the late afternoon I ate a burrito, took a nap and spent the evening sitting with Maija by the fire. We watched Saura's 'El Amor Brujo" again, always a treat.


All is well!!

Hello - I'm considering using this blog for more personal input although, being unused as I am to public display I do not yet know what the content may be. A short journal perhaps of some of my daily doings, a light-hearted summary of daily activities in Anchorage, AK or wherever the future may find me. Although I am in one place my mind carries me to many places held in memory and to the company of the many people I associate with those place. You can always get there from here!


Infinite possibilities

The idea is not infinite. If it were infinite it would not be possible. There are no infinite possibilities. The possibilities imaged in the idea are finite and cannot grasp what is real or distinguish between the real and the actual. Existence, the actualized possibility, is only an image of reality, which cannot be known by those reflective processes of rational thought that discover the idea, the ground of possibility. The actualities in which we each exist, the actualized possibilities, are only related coincidentally and impartially to the reality of being.