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This whole economic collapse affair has been engineered by the financial oligarchs behind the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund in the hopes of causing the economic collapse of nations and the surrendering of their national sovereignties to the control of the self-same oligarchs seeking to establish a world-wide hegemony of their power. As if they didn't have enough of the world's power and wealth, already they are greedy for more. What they are really seeking is absolute world dominion which, strangely enough, is also the goal of  an individual named Satan. Fortunately, this, absolute status can never be achieved in a world of relativity, but they will keep trying and will cause unspeakable human suffering, from which their wealth immures them, in the lower echelons of human societies. They will not be satisfied until all of humankind is brought into subjugation to the infernal plan of which they are the instruments.


One of life's paradoxes

The paradox lies in the fact that the individual soul must seek salvation through self-denial!


Existential theology

Existential theology...unmasks the spurious social responsibility by means of which human beings hide their true souls, their true being, and take cover in the alien world of intellectual existence as individual selves.


"I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant!"  Has this ever happened to you?


Absolute reflections

Absolute reflections
What is required to understand my thought in regard to reality is a major paradigm shift on the part of my reader. The objective world that he or she views must be seen as existing under a wholly new light, a light that is, in fact, an absence of light. The world of humankind's making is plunging into darkness, a darkness that is promulgated as the true light. Seen in its true perspective light is light and darkness is darkness, but seen in modern man's perspective, darkness is light. All sign of progress toward this light is, in truth, sign of decay into darkness.


The soul's conscious evolution

  • The subjective, tribal immediacy of the heathen, acknowledging the absolute as mystery, is replaced by the objective, individual reflection of the pagan which annuls immediacy and subjectivity and denies the absolute. These two evolving forms of consciousness, perceiving only the physical universe, reach a measure of their fulfillment in the spiritual consciousness of the mature soul which understands the absolute transcendentally as its own being.