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Relativity is not the truth!.

The inverse square law of gravitation,which states that two bodies attract one another with a force whose strength is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of their distance, is constrained within boundaries set by general relativity for a specific average density of matter, so that gravity causes the curvature of space-time as the universe of matter constantly expands. This is a theory which fitted the universe of known facts in the time of the theorist, as does the theory of relativity in our own time. Since relativity is not absolute it is therefore not true but is merely a step on the way to a human understanding of truth 


Eternity today

The genesis of life on earth is an absolutely unique event and life in its fullness propagates on earth as a solitary pulsation, a unique wave with man at its crest

"Nothing is so delicate and fugitive by its very nature as a beginning – the roots of life are lost to view in an unknowable world of soft tissue and primeval slime"

What is the nature of the eternal Tao? - The Tao that can be explained is not the eternal Tao ! - The nature of the Tao is transcendence since the eternal necessarily transcends time – this reveals the fundamental error of both the Tao and the modern scientific enterprise, which both deny transcendence while seeking to utilize infinities and absolutes. These abrogate relativity along with the field of relative thought and they also abrogate the field of the artificial actuality of civilization, where we are held captive, like slaves in Egypt. How can we escape into the transcendent reality that is as infinite as the eternity, the absolute zero, into which the universe is expanding. How can we escape without religion? It is precisely religion which introduces transcendence, faith in the absolute categories, into our finite actualities. Without religion we are trapped in a relative universe that has fallen into the power of the negative.

Each human being must make the paradoxical leap of faith that yields an existential certitude in the absolute categories

"A wise man walks with head bowed !!"