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Who needs salvation?

Because of the style and preaching of certain types of protestant evangelist the Bible, especially the new testament, has been largely discredited among those who are most in need of its offer of salvation. This is quite sad when you come to think of it but is certainly not out of line with the way things go in the world, especially among the worldly, among whom these so called evangelists are to be numbered, preaching as they do a gospel of worldly success, the same worldly success which their inspired evangelism brings to them. The world has been appropriated by the worldly but our hope lies beyond. To quote Isaiah "Their speech and their actions are against the Lord, in defiance of His glorious presence!"


What's in a name?

Names only have meaning within a relative context. Each human being is born a nameless soul, an image of absolute being. The name we are each given fits us into a social context, a relative framework that claims our being, our life and consciousness, and conditions and indoctrinates us into particular value systems that have no absolute validity. We are, thus, lost souls, imprisoned in relativity like slaves in Egypt. Of course relativity theory is the final word of rational thought. Freedom lies beyond.


Inflating consciousness ?

Since my previous blog entries my consciousness has been inflating, along with the universe. A Tibetan Buddhist Rinpoche friend recently, in my presence, denied the expansion of the universe, exclaiming "Where can it expand ? - there is nothing out there, " which is precisely the point. The most advanced speculation of the physical theorists is that the material universe came into existence out of nothing, which is also the nothing into which it is expanding, or inflating. This nothing is absolute, infinite and eternal, in a word, spiritual, while the physical universe is relative, finite and temporal, in a word, material. The universe cannot expand forever since it had a beginning and must see an end. But the nothingness of spirit, absolute being, which shows forth within the physical universe as consciousness and life, is eternal and has no beginning and consequently no end


Has it been so long?

I have returned to my blog after a long absence - has it been so long ? Time, of course, is actually relative and the moment in which our lives are led is really absolute and it is this absolute perspective that I strive to attain in my daily living. Of course I am caught up in the relativity of existence through the lives of my companions just like everyone else, except my cats. Thank God for cats. Observing them and living with them can keep us on an even keel.