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back to the absolute

The scientific method, confined, as it is, within a universe where everything is relative, and to the limited power of the rational human intellect, can never discover, uncover or comprehend the absolute reality of being




The competitive spirit fostered and nurtured among men by modern civilized societies is an alien incentive that actually abrogates authentic human life. We should not compete in order to win or lose, but cooperate to achieve common goals – then all are winners. If humankind spent half of the energy it wastes in competition to achieve these common goals, the eradication of hunger and freedom would be accomplished and the world of nature would soon be renewed.


The absolute is nothing, the infinite void, and the void is the only absolute. The void is spirit, immaterial, the source and being of every living entity within the material universe. The only infinite possibility within the universe is the possibility for human consciousness to grasp the infinite void. To be conscious of being nothing is the highest realization of consciousness, the highest achievement of human life.


tomorrow and tomorrow

Tomorrow is another day! They say! But only relatively. We measure everything according to local observation, the earth we inhabit spinning on its axis,orbiting the sun which is orbiting within a galaxy. We measure and name objects, bringing them into our intellectual domain, an illusion of objectivity. Yet subjectively tomorrow is the same day, the one day in which we live, transcendently, together in a unity it is foolish to deny.


Where I am !

I am, of course, in Alaska, where I came for a brief interlude ten and a half years ago and remain. Alaska is on the planet Earth, the Earth in in the physical universe and the physical universe is in the void which is absolute, infinite and eternal and cannot be sensually apprehended or even intellectually apprehended other than following a movement of conscious faith. This void is also, I believe, present at the core of my being, a spiritual presence which renders my being an absolute, infinite and eternal being. The universe is not so. Everything within it is relative, finite and temporary. My being transcends the universe and places me in the void. I am in the void!



Why am I doing this?

One could, of course, or should ask this question of every action one undertakes. To understand one's own intentions might be a sign of improvement in the world and an intent to improve the world might, in itself be considered a good thing, a positive thing to do. Such is my intent with my blogs, to present a positive space where the weary soul can spend a little time catching up with its own being, leaving, temporarily, its actuality for the reality of simply being.